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Cialix Science

Penis enlargement is never a simple process. For decades, health professionals have tried to uncover the correct formula to make penis enlargement possible. With thousands of different formulas and hundreds of brands claiming to have penis enlargement benefits, no reliable results were produced – until Cialix Science.

Cialix Science is the world’s first clinically-tested penis enlargement pill, with actual scientific evidence, and dozens upon dozens of positive customer feedback to support the brand’s effectiveness in increasing penis size. Cialix Science clearly outlines the studies and science behind the formula in the official website, referencing over 20 studies and trials, all published online for anyone who is interested in doing a cross-check.

Cialix Science SYNER-BOOST

Cialix effectiveness as a penis enlargement pill is all possible thanks to the SYNER-BOOST formula. The concept is to combine ingredients that are known to synergize to be able to reduce the risk of overdosing, and improve the overall effectiveness of the formula.

The SYNER-BOOST formula is made to balance out the ingredients to reduce the risk of side effects, while increasing the individual effectiveness of each ingredient. To achieve penis enlargement, a certain level of blood flow manipulation is required. The goal is to increase the amount of blood that flows through the cavernous spaces in the penis in order to force it to expand. However, the traditional method of vasodilation is not enough to make this a reality. Vasodilation causes blood pressure to drop, and increased amount of vasodilators could prove to be a health hazard to the user.

To solve the downsides of vasodilation, Cialix uses a combination of ingredients which are known to improve vasodilation and the other factors that enhance penis growth. Instead of solely relying on vasodilators, the SYNER-BOOST formula combines it with aphrodisiacs and hormone stabilizers to tap the natural erectile process to assist in the penis enlargement process.

As a result, dosage of vasodilation is kept at safe levels without sacrificing the intended effects. Plus, added benefits such as sex drive and sexual stamina is achieved by the user – all without increasing the risk of side effects to the user.


Cialix Science has three types of ingredients that make it successful – vasodilators, testosterone boosters, and hormone balancing agents. Each type of ingredient has a specific role in the formula to help improve the end results.


The role of vasodilators is to help improve the flow of blood to the penis. This is done by dilating blood vessels to allow more blood to flow. The primary vasodilator of the formula is L-Arginine, which increases Nitric Oxide in the blood to form cGMP, the compound which makes the blood vessels dilate. Vasodilation is the only proven method to improve penis size, but overdosing with vasodilators would increase the risk of decreasing blood pressure, which could lead to serious health problems. Vasodilators in Cialix Science are kept within safe levels to ensure accurate and safe dosage, while the effects of testosterone boosters and hormone stabilizers enhance the effects of vasodilators to maximize penis growth.

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone is primarily responsible for sexual arousal and penis growth. Sexual arousal is an important factor in what makes Cialix Science an effective penis enlargement formula. Drawing from the effects of vasodilators, testosterone boosters increase the sensitivity of the user to sexual stimulus, which creates the normal sequence of an erection. Blood vessels then systemically contract and dilate to focus blood flow to the penis. The focus on the blood flow, combined with the effects of vasodilators would not only improve the volume of blood that flows to the penis, but the pressure of blood that floods the cavernous spaces as well. The increase in volume and pressure of blood forces the penile tissue to expand, which creates bigger erections.

Hormone stabilizers

Hormone stabilizing agents are essential to the success of the formula as it makes it possible for the user to have longer, more intense, and more frequent erections. Hormone stabilizers make it possible for the user to feel sexual arousal in just minutes following an orgasm. It also helps sustain erections longer, and it prevents premature ejaculation. More erections help the process of forcing blood to the cavernous spaces, which helps in speeding up progress for penis enlargement.

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A significant increase in penis size is expected when you use Cialix Science regularly for 8-12 weeks. The increase in penis size due to Cialix Science may vary due to a number of factors. However, we guarantee that a significant increase in penis size is possible for everyone. Based on our own customer research, we found out that the median increase in penis size for our customers is 1.5 inches after taking Cialix for a month, but could reach up to 2-3 inches added to the penis size after taking Cialix Male Enhancement for 8-12 weeks.

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