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What is the brain? The brain is a complex organ that is part of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and that is the most voluminous and known part of the brain. It is located in the anterior and superior part of the cranial cavity and is present in all vertebrates. Inside the skull, the brain floats in a transparent liquid, called cerebrospinal fluid, which fulfils protective functions, both physical and immunological.        Cognidren

Is the brain a muscle? We often hear that the brain must be exercised or if it does not atrophy, like muscles, however, we must be clear that the brain is not a muscle. It is not composed of myocytes, muscle cells, but is formed by millions of neurons, which interconnected by axons and dendrites, allow to regulate each and every one of the functions of the body and mind. From breathing to eating or sleeping, to the ability to reason, to fall in love or to argue with someone, everything goes through the control of the brain.

Cerebellum It is the second largest organ of the brain, and is involved in mainly postural and movement control, although it also performs some cognitive functions. Nervous impulses are a series of metabolic processes and chemical reactions that propagate through neurons thanks to their long limbs called axons that communicate with each other. The nerve impulse passes from one neuron to another through the mechanism of synapses where the axons of one neuron are connected with the dendrites of others. The space between these is called synaptic cleft, or presynaptic space since there is no contact between neurons, but the nerve impulse is transported by neurotransmitters that are located in this space.

Cognidren Brain

Propagation of the nervous impulse

The neurotransmitters are released by vesicles inside the synaptic cleft; these will bind to the postsynaptic membrane in specific places, which will pass through a period of excitation causing the nerve impulse to be transmitted to the next neuron. For the transition of the nerve impulse to be fast and effective, the axons of the neurons have special characteristics, such as the Shwan cells, which cover the surface of the axon and are responsible for producing myelin.

At the same time, the structure of the axon is covered by myelin, a substance that acts as an insulator and allows increasing the speed of transition of the nervous impulse. Human intelligence is capable of achieving unimagined things. However, their performance can often be hampered due to various factors that are faced every day. This is why the pills for intelligence have become a necessity to achieve a higher level of concentration and improve productivity in the workplace. We have made the following review regarding the use of these medications that have profound effects on the mind to help you.

Why are the pills for intelligence so booming?

Family, work or studies are increasingly demanding areas. If we add to these the accelerated pace of life, it is not surprising that the mind must deal with multiple concerns that can affect cognitive performance and response. Because of this, it has become necessary to support this need with pills for intelligence or supplements of some kind that help achieve a higher level of concentration. It may not sound like ideal for many, but when you must increase the level of productivity at work, or you want to achieve academic excellence, these supplements become essential.


Due to the growth of this trend, we have decided to analyze the most commonly used intelligence tablets. Some of these have so many contraindications, that it draws attention that their use is so frequent. Others have embarked on a natural path, which indicates a more favourable trend. This drug was originally created to medicate children with attention disorders. But its consumption is a delicate issue. Cognidren boost is what is defined as a psychostimulant, which is also used to treat narcolepsy. It can also have euphoric effects. You are composed of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine.

Cognidren is frequently used as a means to enhance the cognitive capacity of people, so it is not uncommon to use it for memory repair purposes. However, this medicine has multiple contraindications. It is not recommended for those who have experienced psychotic episodes and chemical dependence. Its uncontrolled consumption can create addiction. It is used to regulate hours of rest, and with special devices, it is used for a person with respiratory problems can sleep. Students often use it to stay awake all night, when they must study for important exams.

Having a supplement, an effective help to improve memory cannot be random. It is about strengthening the most important organ of the body: our brain. Consequently, it is very important to choose the healthiest way and this is given by Cognidren, the best vitamin for the mind. Only one ingredient governs this supplement: Phosphatidylserine. This phospholipid is what the brain and the entire nervous system need to function better, and that is why Cognidren has had the best result on the market. The problems of every day result in an important mental fatigue. Therefore, we can all suffer from problems of concentration, memory and response at the cognitive level. You should not be afraid to seek help to renew your energies and solve the challenges of daily life.

The Cognidren would improve school performance. It is based on a series of body exercises to clear the mind, focus attention and reverse cases of hyperactivity, dyslexia and behavioural disorders, among others. It proposes to generate new neuronal connections to achieve balance and improve learning. Seeks to detect and balance the tensions that accumulate throughout life in the area of learning and also in the development of creativity and achievement of goals. It helps to solve problems such as dyslexia, hyperactivity, attention deficit and improve skills such as concentration, organization, reading or writing, among others. All the information we have collected points out that Cognidren is the best tablet for intelligence. Its effectiveness has been proven and its composition makes its consumption safe.

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