It can be called as the link amid the owners of the product and the users who visit the website. Through this, the delivery experience, by the website, of the services becomes much easier. It explains the way in which the site accumulates, uses, bears and dispenses the data collected from the users who make the use of services provided by the website. Each product and service available on this website are covered under this.

Our data collection process is not a tedious one to understand. The main source of data about our customers is their registration. Through this, we gain the name, email ID, phone number, address etc. of the customer. We also assemble information about the customer through the browser and machinery he/she used to reach the website.

We make sure that the information about our customers is safe with us. It is only used to understand their shopping pattern. We do not outsource their data to any third party.

The products sold by us are rectified still, we do not have any role in the change of their policy hence, it is advised to the customers to go through every detail of the product before ordering.